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In a very busy world, visitors want to know "What's in it for me" as quickly as possible. They don't care about you or me and they only care about how they'll win in the end. And the problem with most sales letters is they do not convey "What is in it for me" quickly enough or at all.

But it gets worse...  Sometimes, a fantastic product or service can be overlooked because the visitor reading the letter it doesn't realize what is in it for them. In other words, key selling points might not be addressed quickly enough in your sales letter and before you can say 'Hey Wait A Minute' that visitor has gone (along with your chance of a sale)...

So, What Can Be Done To Prevent The "Lost Message" That Kills Most Product Launches?

The Answer Is Conversion Ninja

Create Single Question Surveys For Your Opt-In Page

Automatically Tap Into The Minds of Your Visitors Using Keyword Reporting

Predict Trends & Tap Into Niches You Might Never Notice Without It

Dynamically Modify Your Sales letter For Each Unique Visitor


How Does Conversion Ninja Work?

Conversion Ninja allows you to create a single question on your opt-in pages, such as:  "What Marketing Challenge Would You Like To Overcome?"

Your visitor then answers the question either through a pull-down form (it even lets them type in their response if they do not find the appropriate answer).

Once they submit the form, not only is your visitor subscribed into your autoresponder (Works with AWeber, GetResponse and Autoresponse Plus 3) but they will be directed to a sales letter that focuses on their specific needs, based on their answer.  Powerful Stuff!

For instance, lets say you ask your visitor which of these 3 options they need most help with:

A.) Recruiting Affiliates
B.) Building An Opt-In List
C.) Converting More Sales

Well, if the first visitor chooses "Recruiting Affiliates", they'll be directed to a sales letter targeting their interests for building a larger affiliate base.

If visitor number 2 selects "Converting More Sales" they'll see the sales letter that highlights how your product helps them convert more visitors into sales.

Your Sales letter Will Focus More On The Specific Interest of Each Unique Visitor That Answers Your Question

Conversion Ninja also remembers repeat visitors and directs them automatically to the appropriate sales letter next time they visit the page

You also might ask, "What if they don't want to answer the question?"

Well, that's ok too... You can either block them from the sales letter or let them in via a 'no thanks' link.  With Conversion Ninja, you're customizing the experience for every visitor.  But there's more...and you are going to LOVE this.

The responses they submit will be tracked. From your admin panel you'll see a breakdown of every response - In our example it would be the main marketing problems your visitors are experiencing.  (access to this knowledge is marketing gold dust)

So as as an example, you might see that 20% of your visitors struggle to build affiliate relationships and 70% struggle to build an opt-in list.

So, after 10,000 visitors, wouldn't you prefer to have a sales letter highlighting your services opt-in list building capabilities to the 70% - You know it is more important by a ratio of 2:1 than anything else!

How many more sales will you receive by customizing their experience and addressing their specific needs?

Better yet, wouldn't you like to see a list of the most commonly used keywords in their typed submissions?

For instance, what if you find out that the 4 most popular keywords are niche, list, convert sales, niches, content?

Wouldn't it make sense to create content focusing on those keywords and sending them to your opt-in list that filled out your form? Imagine being able to write ad copy using these proven "hot buttons" that come straight from your target market's mouths!

That's what Conversion Ninja does. It customizes the sales experience for your visitor and it gives you information on what they are looking for and what they need help with. Without fail. The information you need to create successful information products and successful ad copy.

But there is more...
Conversion Ninja tracks the sales ratio of each dynamic sales letter. So if the sales letter for 'Opt In List' converts 80 sales and the others only convert 30, you'll know.

And by being able to rotate automatically, you will always be able to see what converts well and what doesn't. 

This information is power. Pure and simple.

Here's 8 Ways Conversion Ninja Will Help You Make More Money:

  Convert More Visitors Into Sales by Precision Targeting
  Create A Personalized Experience For Your Customers
  Know What Your Target Market Is Eager To Buy
  Recognize What Info Products Are Worth Creating
  Build An Opt-In List That Tells You What They Want To Buy
  Instantly Have More Confidence In Your Product Launches
  Insider Info Gives You A Key Advantage Over Your Competition
  Collect A Stream of "Hot Button Keywords" To Use In Future Ad Copy

I guarantee that Conversion Ninja will change the way you do business forever!.

So How Much Does Conversion Ninja Cost? 

As you know, the information you'll receive by using this software is invaluable. From the moment you start using it you'll see your conversion rates soar along with your profits and your reputation as a marketer to do business with.

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Includes Full Installation and Usage Guide...


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To Your Success,


P.S.  If you've ever struggled to write a new sales letter then you'll find Conversion Ninja a real boost because it's a great way get your visitors inspire content ideas for you.  In just a few minutes you can start targeting and personalizing your sales copy like never before and if you grab a copy today you'll save $130. 

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