From: Paul Galloway


Dear Marketing Professional,

Did you know that you're being tricked every day you go online?

It's a fact!  Internet Marketers ARE using "dirty tricks".  (Although many of them won't admit to the fact.)

Still, it's the truth! Some of them may not even realize they're using them. But some of them DO know. And it's the smart ones who are raking in the cash daily. . .

What is a "dirty trick"?

Well, that's easy. It is a crafty strategy used by people everyday to get a desired reaction out of another person. Or at least that's my take on them.

When you think of these words, you may think "rip-off", "unethical", or "illegal".

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. The tactics explored in this report are NOT illegal. They are NOT unethical. They are NOT designed to rip people off.

But they ARE a lot on the "crafty" side.

Crafty or not, the point is THEY WORK. And if you're NOT USING THEM, then you're LOSING MONEY.

So, why did I call this collection of tactics "Dirty Tricks" then? Because they are psychologically "sneaky". They scream out. . .


And boy do they ever get that type of reaction.

You're about to order this report, right? It caught YOUR attention, didn't it?

Whether you consider yourself the most honest person in the world, you still want to know what these so called "dirty tricks" are, don't you?

Maybe to arm yourself against them.

Or maybe to even use them yourself:

  Discover The Trick You Can Use To Get People Who Actually Hate You To Buy Your Products!

  How Your Biggest Ever Mistake Can Generate More Sales Than Ever!  (The bigger the goof the better.)

  The Secret To Turning A Basic Human Response To Your Favour For Increased Profits.

  Junk The Idea Of Providing Good Customer Service!  You'll discover how a "Don't Give A Damn" Attitude Can Get You MORE Orders !!

  What (Normally Vital) Piece Of Information You Should Actually Leave Off Your Sales Page That Can Get Your Order Now Button Clicked MORE!

  The Dirty Trick You Should Be Using On Everything You Sell.  You Are Losing Sales By Ignoring This POWERFUL Strategy.

  How To Sell More Products FASTER.  Use This Trick Effectively And Pull In More Orders Than You've Ever Done Before.  (5 and 6 Figure Incomes Are Being Earned Every Month By Marketers Using This Trick.)

Plus Much More . . .

Look!  The fact of the matter is, you're here, reading these words right now regardless of the reason.

So let's cut to the chase . . .

You want to know what the 'Dirty Tricks' are YES, and right about now you must be wondering how much this "must see" report costs?

Now here's the thing. . . YES, I recognize you want this report and YES I also want you to have it - You need to be in a position to defend yourself against the 'Tricksters' or maybe you also want to dip a toe into the dark side and implement some of these powerful strategies for yourself.

So I'm giving you a deal here like no other . . .

Rather than $97 or $67 or $47 or even $27 you can pick up this report right now for just $9.95  Why so low?  Simply because everyone needs to have access to this information - (no matter who would rather it didn't get out.)

You Need To Know These Tricks!

But I'm not an idiot, even though this report is relatively short the information it contains is potential dynamite.  Just one of these dirty tricks could easily explode your profits . . . (Don't make a mistake here the information is worth far more than $9.95)

But You Need To Take Action Now!

Because for every 25 copies sold I'm seriously considering doubling the price.  Anytime soon this book of 'Dirty Tricks' could cost you $20, $40, $80 or more!

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  You Will Need The Acrobat Reader To Read This Report


To Your Success!



P.S.  Remember the longer you leave this the more chance you miss out on this incredible special deal price.  Click Here and secure your copy +Plus your master reseller rights licence and sales pack today!

P.P.S.  Please note that you will see some mild profanity within this report.  If this concerns you or if you would be adverse to using 'crafty', psychological 'Dirty Tricks' (again these are not illegal, unethical or rip off tactics) to generate more profits for your business then this report may not be for you.  If you're okay with this then order now and start reading right away.


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