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From: Paul Galloway

Dear Online Marketer,

You'd think that experienced marketers get things right all the time. That's how things seem when looking from the outside in. This however is far from the truth. Let me share a little story with you that will save you from cocking up your first big success (because that's exactly what I managed to do, even with seven years of previous online marketing experience).

Let me get straight to the point. I lost over $20,000 in a single month because of one silly mistake that could have easily been avoided. I'd launched a sale with a view to selling a large number of products in a very short space of time. I'm talking $100,000 in a couple of weeks here. Now to do this, it's obvious that specialist software is needed. That's the first thing I bought to manage my sale.

Now I should be sitting here telling you that I took the 100k in two weeks without a hitch with this software running my sites, but you know what?

It failed miserably

I couldn't believe it. Five months of hard work, down the drain. Here's what happened: We launched our sale quite happily, with the support of this supposedly professional software. Part way through I start to realize an odd number of technical support requests coming through. By the end of the day, I had answered over a hundred technical support requests. The script had totally failed on me when it mattered most and was failing almost 50% of the paid signups!

I won't be making that mistake again.
Will you?

When you pour everything into a project, and it fails because of a piece of crap software, it's very frustrating. I'm sure you've been there before. You work your fingers to the bone, and when it comes to crunch time, everything goes wrong because of someone else's shoddy work.

If you're launching a website

If you're thinking about launching a website

If you've launched a website already

Don't make the same mistake I did. Get some decent software behind it. Take it from me, it hurts.

So after this little farce with the software that was supposed to be the best ever created (according to the people selling it) and after losing over $20,000 to it, I decided that would never happen again. When I run my business I want to be 100% confident and have superior software running the in the background, with no fear of losing a ridiculous amount of money because of someone else's laziness.

I built my own.

And now, two successful launches and $200,000 in sales later, I'm releasing it to only a select few. If you're reading this, YOU are one of them.


Learn To Influence, Persuade And
Captivate Your Audience In Such A
Way That They Buy From You..
What You Tell Them To
When You Tell Them To

Split Payment Capabilities – No longer is there a need for writing affiliate checks, using unreliable snail mail or relying on a third parties to pay your affiliates for a cut of your profit. With split payments the affiliate is paid directly and you are paid directly. Instant profit for both parties, not to mention promoters love to be paid instantly making them miles easier to attract.

Fully Protected Members Area –
I’ve put up many sites in my time as an online marketing, and no job is more time consuming and frustrating than integrating payment processors, access management and affiliate tracking scripts at the same time. With FireSoft 1.2, there’s no need. It tracks your affiliates and keeps your membership area for your member’s eyes only.

Multiple Members Levels – 
Firesoft 1.2 gives you the flexibility to offer enhanced product downloads or a different package entirely to separate groups of members. Capture the full profit potential of your sale by offering your joint ventures something special and provide your big spenders with expensive packages without having to cut out the little guys who can’t afford a high ticket item. How many products you let them download and how much they have to pay you to get them is entirely controlled by you. You also have the power to promote or demote them automatically or manually at any time.

One Time Offer Support – With back end one time offer upgrade rates reported as being in excess of 70%, why waste the opportunity to get your big spenders to spend even more with you? You can potentially double your profit from a single sale with this feature alone.

You Decide Who To Pay First – Inspire confidence in your products for your affiliates and pay them the first cut, or make sure you catch any potential sale breaking problems early on by paying yourself the first cut. It’s entirely your choice.

Unlimited Sale Length & Custom Pricing – Add an unlimited number of products to your sale of an unlimited length. Whether you want to run your sale for twelve years or twelve hours, it can be done with FireSoft 1.2. You could even make a full-blown membership site out of it by adding additional products and making use of your customers and affiliates to buy and promote follow-up products at a later date, all with a few clicks of your mouse, all under one domain. The only limit is your imagination.

Contact Your Members When You Want –
E-mail your members, affiliates or joint ventures updates and special offers at any time. Which member level you e-mail is entirely your choice, and you don’t need to worry about annoying your personal joint venture contacts either. They can automatically or manually be placed in a high priority category and mailed only when you want to contact them specifically.

Customizable Automated E-mail –
Nothing beats the feeling of getting congratulatory e-mails every time you make a sale or a special unexpected bonus for customers when they sign up. Get your affiliates to promote for longer and get your customers to buy from you over and over on complete autopilot by customizing automated e-mails for signups, referrals and commission announcements for each member level and even individuals. 

Full Sale Statistics –
Keep track of your top promoters, your top money- makers and big spenders while improving your sales material to boost conversion rates keeping both affiliates, JV’s and your pocket very happy indeed. Everything you need to run a razor sharp and refined fire sale.

Sleek User Friendly Design Means Quick Setup & Integration –
Simply follow the five quick start steps in the user manual and you can be set up and running your own fire sale in mere minutes. No complicated integration issues; just upload, install, set up, launch and profit. Whether you change the layout and graphics, or use the stock set, you customers will look at you like a pro right from get-go.

- Quick and easy installation, even if you've never installed scripts on your server before. All you have to do is upload the files, and follow the detailed user manual to set the script up. You can be up and running in under 20 minutes from now, with your own dynamically managed, automated membership site.


“My personal 100% “I challenge you, the risk is all mine” 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee”

I am so confident that this product will give your online business a huge head-start over those who miss out or decide to pass up this offer, that I’m going to take all the risk away from you by offering you my 100% money back, ‘I challenge you’ guarantee.

Here’s the deal. You take this product away with you today and apply the advantage it gives your online business, and in return, if you haven’t seen profitable results after using it for 30 days, (results that must exceed your expectations) I’m going to put your money right back in your pocket, and we’ll part ways, leaving you with your original investment, plus I’ll let you keep the product anyway.

It’s impossible to do business like this without having a quality product that works, and works well. If it didn’t, everyone would just claim refunds and get my product for free, and I’d make no money to cover my costs, and this site would have been gone months ago. One more reason to be sure that this is the real deal.

“In Fact, I’m so confident in this, I’m going to take things even further this time around. Here’s how..”

My time is a precious thing. There’s only so many hours in the day, and I use as many of those as I can in developing my business. I’m going to change that now though. If you don’t feel 100% confident about anything you find in this product within your first 30 days, call me and I’ll personally help you out. (You’ll find my phone number and support desk on the contact us page as always). Any questions you have about not just this product, but how it fits in with your business, how to execute the included strategies, just let me know. I’ll spend my time, helping you to develop your business with this product.

Now there’s an assurance you don’t see every day.



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You can get your hands on all of this value, the product itself, the guarantee that you'll be ecstatic with the result, and my personal assurance of help with your business if you need it, plus if things don't work out, the risk is all mine. How much are we talking here?

Not $500, not $300, not even $200, but for a mere $147, you can get your hands on the whole package. I use all of these tools and this knowledge to make the cost of this five times over every single day of every single week. Just think what having the same insider info and expertise could do for you - not to mention having me at your side to personally help you if and when you need it.

This is a rare offer, and there are only so many hours in my day, so it won't last long. Don't miss the opportunity!

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If you're not 100% Satisfied with the contents of your package, simply e-mail me and let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I'll send your money right back to you (note: we haven't had a single one of these since launch, so we're extremely confident you'll be ecstatic with what this will bring to your business and your income.


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