"If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you've ever wanted... by promoting just one headline... would you know what to write?"

Guess what? You better because one shot may be all you get!

Headlines are your "front line" to any market. It's the first thing most prospects see. Your headline is your one big chance to interest and influence a selected audience with your message.
Great Headlines Instantly - Robert D. Boduch

Don't think that those millions will read your ads to find out if your product interests them. They will decide by a glance - by your headline...
Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins

You may have heard of the AIDA formula, which stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The first part of this simple formula refers to the headline and it is where most ads usually fail. If the headline doesn't command enough attention, then the rest of the formula -- even if the ad is effective -- fails.
The Success Doctor - Michael Fortin

Don't Miss Your One Shot - Get Headline Creator Pro Now!

Headline Creator Pro helps the first-time and veteran marketer alike. It greatly simplifies the tedious process of creating headlines by utilizing a Revolutionary new PowerWriter™ technology to automate the process.

Other products tell you how to create headlines - Headline Creator Pro is the first-ever software product designed specifically to do it for you.

FAQ: "Can I still customize the automated headlines that are created?"

Answer: Of course! Headline Creator Pro generates your automated headlines based on the greatest headlines ever written. These are time-tested and proven to produce results. However, you can certainly modify or tweak your results to meet your specific needs.

Time is money - especially in marketing. Every minute your product is not on the market is a minute it is not producing profits for you. The key to internet marketing success is to follow the time-tested formula and automate as many steps as possible - one of the most important steps is creating your headline.

I love automation and I do everything I possibly can to make things more automated...
X-Factor - Terry Dean

... what I've found is that even though it's simple and logical, most people still don't do it. They need something... that literally walks them through the formula step-by-step.
The Amazing Formula - Marlon Sanders

The veterans of internet marketing - those making millions per year - use tools to automate their:

  • Autoresponders
  • List Management
  • Affiliate Program
  • Sales Processing

Now a historic software product has been created to help you automate yet another step in the process - headline creation - allowing you to get your product to market faster and increase your profits!

Headline Creator Pro will automatically generate a list of headlines based on the greatest headlines in history. You simply read through them and pick your favorite.

Why Do You Need Headline Creator Pro?

#1) It's Simple:

Just open the program and fill in a simple Questionnaire

#2) It's Quick:

Click one button to generate 100 possible headline combinations - based on the best results-driven headlines in history

#3) It's Cost Effective:

For the same cost you would pay for an e-book to tell you how to create headlines, you can now get software that does it for you. Forget long hours of reading books and brainstorming - let the software do it for you.

#4) It Makes You Money:

It's simple math. You lose 10 to 100 times the cost of your product in the time you spend creating your headlines. Get Headline Creator Pro. Automate the headline creation process. And get your product/service to market quicker!


Bonus #1: 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written

Time has shown these 100 headlines to generate more positive (and profitable) responses than any others ever created. (By the way, it's this list that was used as the basis for Headline Creator Pro.)

Bonus #2: 277 Hypnotic Words/Phrases

You will get a list of the 277 most powerful and proven words and phrases that are a must for your headlines and sales letters. If they are missing these - then you are losing profits. Adding these words/phrases almost gives you an unfair advantage.

Bonus #3: 91 Emotional Triggers

Do you know what makes the customer make buying decisions? You will after you've read this list of 91 emotional triggers. Knowing these are essential for all marketing efforts - but especially for headline creation.

But the most important bonus of all is that all of these incredible bonuses are built right into the Headline Creator Pro system.

That's Right! These are not separate bonus products that you have to remember where you saved them. They are programmed right into Headline Creator Pro so you can find them when you need them.

Stop Spending Hours Brainstorming!

Stop Wasting Time Researching!

Don't Miss Your One Shot To Get Everything You've Ever Wanted...

Get Headline Creator Pro Now!
Only $49 $29

Wishing You Success,

Scott M. Britner

P.S. Remember, this is the first and only software product the automates the headline creation process. Make sure you take advantage of this exclusive product before your competitors do.


"I was using the app this weekend as I worked on a salesletter — and found it invaluable in putting it together."

BenJamin Prater -- Software Secrets - Exposed!

"I think your product is an awesome use for Flash"

Derek Franklin -- Co-author Macromedia Flash MX Actionscripting: Advanced Training from the Source (Macromedia Press)

"Scott, who would of thought that it would be the year 2003 before a creative mind came along to provide all us time-starved online marketers/copywriters an automated, almost flawless, one-stop-shop piece of software for creating benefit-dripping headlines in a flash ? Well, as our Grandma's already told us, 'the best things in life are worth waiting for.' As long as I'm online writing, creating, and marketing, I will have this incredibly functional headline creator minimized in my toolbar for instant access. It's that powerful and I just want to say: Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You for being the person to come along and make this much needed software a reality."

Barry Goss -- www.referralwealth.net

"I have just submitted an ad using one of the headlines that the program generated and I have had 3 hits in half an hour! Unprecedented!"

Charlie Cory -- http://www.profit-weaver.com
"I think your product is excellent for breaking through the initial barriers of coming up with Headlines. Everyone knows it's much easier to edit then create from scratch - and your product brings you straight and easy to the editing and polishing part of the process."

Frank Welzig

The Headline Creator Pro was so easy to use that within a few
minutes of downloading the program I had run several different headlines for sections of my web site. Some of these headlines I had included just to get the page up, with the intention of going back through and redoing them. Your program saved me hours of work and produced an improved attention getting impact. This program was ready to use immediately from the download, with no tweaking or set-up time.

Daniel R. Hardt -- President, Life Path Numerology Center

WOW! Headline Creator Pro is really incredible. I've spent hours trying to come up with just a few headlines in the past. But no more! With Headline Creator Pro all I have to do is enter a few words and click the button to get a wealth of great headlines. I can even copy and paste them directly into my sales letters. This is a must have software program for anyone who sells products or services on the Internet.

Bob Chambers, Publisher -- Digital Information Publishing

"I love it! This makes coming up with headlines a snap--and fun, to boot. Since headlines are THE most important part of any ad or letter, this cool new tool is priceless. I can't wait to use it again!
It's more fun than video games and way more profitable!"

Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"
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