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"There's a great big online world of free, quality content out there, and quite frankly, you're probably missing out on most of it because it's too hard to find...

... That's going to change, starting today!"


From: Paul Galloway

Dear friend,

As a marketer, author and publisher I've seen from first-hand experience how limiting and frustrating it can be to go online in the hope of completing key business research or to find important market information.  If you've ever felt that frustration then you're going to want to keep reading because this is going to make your day...

... And hey, even if you're not in business, but would just like to make your life easier and save a whole heap of time by getting instant answers, information and great content faster than ever before this is for you too - But before we go any further let me ask you a couple of questions...

How would you like to:

  • Discover a Web you never knew existed, bursting with things that you'll find useful, valuable, interesting, and entertaining?

  • Put your time online into content-consumption overdrive - less time searching, more time finding and enjoying the things you want?

  • Get help/how-to's/answers for all those projects you have on your plate

  • Make smarter decisions on the products you buy, and the things you invest your time and resources in

Did you know that search is now the #2 most popular activity people do online.

For some people, it's #1... Why? Because we're born to be information junkies. Our brains love to consume content - enjoy it, learn from it, and share it, and these days, the Web feeds that need like nothing else...

The thing is - the Web is overflowing with all sorts of great, quality content about any subject you can imagine. There are tutorials, ebooks, tips, audio clips, video clips, articles, news stories, discussion groups and more about everything from digital photography to Vietnamese cuisine - whatever you want - if you know where to find it and how to get your hands on it...

When it comes to discovering quality content online, most people only scratch the surface of utilizing the power of the search tools that are available to them online.

InfoFinderPro - Your Personal 'Answer/Content-Machine'!

  • Gives you one-click access to some of the most powerful search technologies on the planet, including specialized search engines that go way beyond what Google, Yahoo, and MSN can do
  • Exposes advanced search capabilities that many search engines offer, but most people don't even know exist - and let's you easily tap their power to find exactly what you're looking for
  • Increases the quality of content you find online - guaranteed!
  • Is easy to use due to its unique, professionally-designed, intuitive interface - no clutter, bloat, or clumsy dialog boxes
  • Saves you time - potentially hours a week, depending on how much you use it
  • Gives you the edge in finding practically any kind of content you want on practically any subject you can imagine
  • Makes searching online an absolute blast! You never realized what amazing discoveries exist online for free
 No Limits/No Boundaries 
Why limit yourself to a single search engine (you know which one I'm talking about) when many of the top ones provide unique results, tools and extras that help you explore your topic?
  • Enter Your Keyword Once - Get one-click access to the world's most powerful search technologies.
  • Extensive Search Tools Database - Over 300 of the top Web, image, audio, video, news, blog, article, file, and reference search engines.
  • One-click Access To Dozens Of Specialized Searches - Searches that use specialized tools the search engines provide but most people don't even know about.
  • Behind The Scenes Updating - As new tools become available, InfoFinderPro is designed to deliver them to you without any assistance from you. They'll just be there the next time you use it.
These days, the Web is about a lot more than just Web pages. It's overflowing with multimedia content just waiting to be enjoyed. Grab as much as you want using
  • Images - Digital photos (from around the world), wallpapers, animations, artwork, and drawings.
  • Audio - Music, sound effects, speeches, MIDI files, and sound clips.
  • Video - User-submitted videos, instructional videos, news videos, historical videos, and tons of entertainment content - this is way better than TV!
  • PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint Documents - Ebooks, reports, white papers, forms, templates, brochures, and presentations.
  • Blogs and RSS Feeds - Subscribed content that comes to you.
 Explore People, Places, and Things
InfoFinderPro comes with a full-range of specialized search tools to help you explore people, places, and things that interest you. Forget about boring magazines and books, this is dynamic, interactive content.
  • People - Biographies, facts, quotes, interviews, news, and links.
  • Places - Maps, guides, virtual tours, panoramas, and 360-degree images.
  • History - Documents, facts, timelines, archives, research, resources, and museums.
  • Health - Resources, articles, symptoms, remedies, prevention, and more.
  • Pets - Articles, images, videos, and Q&A.
  • Movies - Bloopers, IMDB info, trivia and quotes.
  • More - Tools for exploring songs, bands, food, cars, words, home improvement, science, and others.
  Learn A Thing Or Two, Or Three! 
What do you want to learn? What do you want to discuss with others? Get a free education on the topics you're interested in. It's all just a few clicks away.
  • Facts Galore - Facts, FAQs, secrets, links, resources, guides, top 10s, databases - about your favourite topics.
  • Articles - Quick access to 1000's of articles from individuals, experts, and news organizations.
  • Forums/Groups - Find groups, discussion and forums related to your query topic. Share your ideas or get the assistance and advice of others.
  • Reference - Encyclopaedic content, summaries, books, and scholarly papers - the knowledge is out there
  • Tutorials, How-to's - Have a task or a piece of software you'd like to master? Quickly discover tutorials, how-to's, tips, tricks, checklists, step-by-step instructions, and even video tutorials.
  Your Query Is A Powerhouse
If you think your query is just some text, you've obviously never used InfoFinderPro before, which provides tools to:

  • Alter Your Query - With just a few tweaks, your query can reap entirely different, yet highly-relevant results than it normally would.
  • Go Right To The Top Site - Want to skip search results pages altogether is just go right to the most relevant site related to your query?
  • Get Answers - If you prefer quick access to facts, figures, encyclopaedia content, or Q&A's related to you query, you'll find tools for this just a few pixels away.
  • Get Stuff - Looking for something to buy? Get one-click access to the two most popular online shopping destinations.
  • Generate RSS Feeds From Your Query - Generate RSS feeds (including image, video, and news) from any of your queries.
  The Smartest Search Box On Earth!
Unlike the search box found on most search engines,
InfoFinderPro's search box reacts intelligently to your query, providing unique tools depending on the type of query you enter.

  • Related Searches - Creativity is needed when searching. That's what related searches are all about. Search for wedding, discover other searches to try, such as vows, dresses, honeymoon, planners, and more!
  • Zip Codes - Enter a zip code and get the local weather, news, maps, movies, and even photos.
  • Questions - Enter a question into the main search box, and you'll be linked to sources with simple, concise answers!
  • Domain Names - Enter a domain name as your query, and InfoFinderPro provides tools allowing you to explore that domain in unique ways
  Peer Into Sites Like Never Before 
Nearly every site on the Web represents a 'chunk' of great content - especially your favourite sites. Don't settle for simple 'Web page content'. Dig deeper!

  • Get Stuff - At the click of a link, discover a site's images, audio, videos, pdf files, and RSS feeds - access to your favourite site's content, without having to 'navigate around' to find it.
  • Learn Stuff - See links to the site from related blogs, the site's Alexa information, and even archived/previous versions of the site.
  • Search The Site - Searching for something, but want to confine your search to a particular site? InfoFinderPro makes this easy.
  Intuitive, Fast, and Dialog-box Free 
Just say NO to slow, clunky dialog boxes and drop-down gizmos that just slow you down. With InfoFinderPro, if you can move a mouse and type text, you have access to all of its features!
  • Moving Your Mouse - As you move your mouse over icons on the interface, InfoFinderPro provides just the tools you need.
  • Typing Text - InfoFinderPro sometimes reacts to the text you enter, giving you tools you may find helpful, so you don't have to think about it.
  Universal Bookmarking
As you find great content around the Web, chances are you'll want to bookmark it for reference later.
InfoFinderPro makes this so easy, no matter which bookmarking tool you use. Integration
AddThis provides a means to bookmark pages via any of dozens of bookmarking managers, including:

  • MyYahoo
  • Google Bookmarks
  • and more....
  Built-in Browser
Being able to hop from one search engine to another at the click of a button is as easy a flipping a TV channel with your remote.

  • Save Time - With InfoFinderPro's built-in browser, you'll get quicker access to content and fewer trips to the Back button.

Just Check Out InfoFinderPro's Other Amazing Features Shown Below...

Simple, Powerful, and Fun...

Web Search Tools - Many of the most powerful and popular Web search tools are available to you within a single click! Google provides relevant results, Ask provides a number of useful tools, Pagebull displays large thumb nailed images of relevant pages. Can't decide which one to use - use them all, and more (including Live, Clusty, Yahoo, Exalead, and more)!!!

Discovery Search Tools - Discover facts, FAQs, secrets, links, resources, and guides related to your keyword. There are many extensive resources that provide this kind of content and information, for nearly any topic you can imagine. InfoFinderPro will easily help you find them.

Learning Search Tools - Is there something you would love to do, or love to do better - draw, golf, scrap booking? Get tips, tutorials, how To's, help and ideas about topics that interest you. It's all just a click away!

Image Search Tools - Find images, animations, wallpapers, artwork, and drawings related to your keyword. Want only black & white images? No problem! Experience the world via the billions of images now online - all at your fingertips.

Audio Search Tools - What are you wanting: audio clips of a speech, a song you just heard, MIDI music you can sing to, CDs, sound effects, podcasts, or lyrics to help you sing along to your favourite song? It's just a click away.

Video Search Tools - You'll have access to news videos, instructional videos, historical videos, and even peoples' personal videos (that they've posted online). When researching a subject, how useful would full-motion video be? InfoFinderPro is the best search tool to bring it to you, including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, DailyMotion, and many others.

Reference Search Tools - Find articles, answers to questions, encyclopaedia entries and FAQs related to your keyword(s). Discover how it works, its history, and tap into the Internet Archive (a huge online archive) for finding recordings, commercials, software, and texts related to it.

News Search Tools - If you're familiar with Internet research, you know that the news usually contains some of the freshest content available online. InfoFinderPro enable you to easily discover news articles related to your keyword(s) from some of the best news sources online including, MSNBC, Google News, Yahoo News, and Topix.

RSS/Blog Search Tools - If you haven't yet heard of RSS feeds and blogs, you will - very soon! They represent some of the most powerful information sources to hit Web in several years. InfoFinderPro has extensive support for helping you locate RSS feeds and blogs related to your keywords.

File/document Search Tools - The Web is about more than Web pages. There are millions of documents available online too! Relevant PDF documents (ebooks), Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. InfoFinderPro will bring them to you.

Word Search Tools - What would you like to discover about a word: its definition, a synonym, antonym, quotations it appears in, words with the same meaning, words containing the same letters? It's better than having an English professor as your assistant.

Multi Language Search - Take your search around the world and discover content in the four corners of the Earth. With a click you can send your query to country-specific/language-specific search engines found in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, German, France, Italy, and Spain.

Public Domain Content Search Tools - Find great free content published by the U.S. government, public domain (free) content, and even 'secret' content that Google will give you that most people will never find on their own.

Health Search Tools - Everything from information about treating allergies and tips for getting great sleep, to the latest health news about a health topic, health videos, nutrition information and recipes.

'Life' Search Tools - Find tons of great information related to your house and home. Find answers to do-it-yourself projects (such as gardening, roofing, remodelling), discover just the perfect recipe related to an ingredient (onion, chocolate, BBQ, and others), learn about that new car you've had your eye on (Mazda 6, Nissan Maxima, Pontiac G6), and find pet-related advice, tips, articles and resources.

Travel Search Tools - So, you're planning a trip to Rome? Or is it Hawaii? Or Sydney, perhaps? It doesn't matter! Enter the name of a location into InfoFinderPro and you'll be a click away from travel tips, sights to see, maps, webcams, pictures, videos, and even the local weather.

...This list could go on for a while. Let's look at some of InfoFinderPro's other great benefits...

Related Searches - The related searches functionality is one of the most useful tools found in InfoFinderPro.  (For example, when searching for the term 'weddings', InfoFinderPro's related searches feature will reveal to you all sorts of related terms you might find helpful, but may have not thought of on your own, such as: favours, invitations, photographers, ceremony, honeymoon, reception, registry, dresses, gowns, vows, showers, flowers, and jewellery, just to name a few).

Enter A URL - Get Relevant Tools - A URL is not just a URL. Use InfoFinderPro to quickly retrieve the current URL's Alexa ranking and other useful information that Alexa provides.

Find other pages on the Web with related content to a particular URL/site, find recent blog posts related to what's discussed on a particular URL, discover archived versions of a site.

Grab images, audio, video, PDF's and Flash movies found at a particular URL with ease - turns every site on the Web into your personal information/media candy store!

Enter A Zip Code (US) - Get Relevant Tools - Enter a US zip code into InfoFinderPro's main search box, and instantly get links to maps, weather, movie show times, local news, census data, and more! Works great while at home or on the road.

Enter A Question - Get Relevant Tools - When you enter a question into InfoFinderPro's main search box, it detects that your query is a question, and it instantly displays links to a number of services/sites that are specifically designed for answering questions - not search engines, but answer engines.

Universal Bookmarking/Sharing Integrated - These days, as people surf around and find content that interests them, they either use one of the fantastic online bookmark managers available, or they share their discoveries with others via sites like or By integrating technology from, InfoFinderPro gives you one-click access to bookmarking or sharing the pages/content you discover virtually any way you choose.

Get This Powerful Search Tool For Just $27.00
That's not a typo - the price for this incredibly useful software is just $27.00.

How is such a low price possible?  Well, instead of charging some outrageous price, thus limiting who can experience and benefit from it, I'd rather get it into as hands of as many people as possible - yours included.

I seriously consider it a great privilege to have a product that continues to have such a huge positive effect on so many peoples' personal and business lives and I want new users to feel as if I have, without question, over delivered a valuable, quality product that simply blows them away. With that in mind...

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