Attention ALL Internet Marketers Trying To Create Their Own Graphics...

"In Only A Few Clicks You Can Create Amazing Flash Animated Banners That Grab Attention & Demand Action. All This Without The Costly Designer Fees..."

"... And then you can continue to create DOZENS of flash banners for all of your websites, affiliate offer, and promotions all without ever touching Photoshop OR Flash, Guaranteed!"

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you have been doing business online for any amount of time you will know that it can take alot to grab attention and direct the traffic the way you want them to go.

Wether your trying to get people from your blog to your squeeze page, or doing advertising on other peoples websites. You need a way to grab the viewers attention, and get them to click on your ad!

The easiest way to do this online is through animated flash banners that get read, and demand direct action, so you can make more money & more sales!

That is why I got InstantBanner created, so I can easily create banners that look amazing in a few clicks, and I have been using it for myself with great success.

I want to share this AMAZING tool with you, and I am confident that you are going to LOVE it! You will be able to use it for any project you have, and you can create the banners in just a few clicks. Its really that simple...


Finally! A Simple To Use & Install PHP/Flash Script That Allows Anyone To Create Amazing Flash Banners In A Few Click...

...You can use this technology for any site in any niche or industry anytime. There is no limit on how many stunning banners you can create!

In a few minutes from now you can have your own InstantBanner script installed and running on your server. Since its hosted on your server, your in control of the hosting, so it never goes down unless you do!

In only 3 steps you will have your own banner created. Simply just add your copy into the form, and select the design elements you want featured in the banner, and hit create!

It's really that easy...

Instant banner was designed to be used by anyone at any skill level. So no matter how good or bad at creating graphics, you will be right at home!

If you can point, and click then you can create your own banners!

The process is super simple...

First... Just enter in your copy for your advertisement.

This is super simple, because all your doing is typing in your copy into simple HTML web forms. It's just like filling out a survey or logging into your email!

You will also be able to chooce the Call To Action button style which comes in many different great variations. You can change the button text instantly, and preview what the banner looks like. You can be creative, and start creating really cool results!

Even if your bad at writing copy, I have bundled a FULL handbook about online advertising, and a personal audio of my best advertisement writing tips.

This will make sure ANYONE using this script will have the odds against any competitors in any niche! ;)

Second... Choose out of 80+ design elements!

This where this little script shines!

Now that you got the killer copy down that gets your viewers to take action, you need to grab their attention first!

You will be able to choose from a wide array of colors and elements. Once you pick a color, you can instantly add more professionalism to it by adding a pattern or a texture.

Both will give your banner that extra added feel of realism, and "interesting"ness. Once you choose those, you will able to add subtle overlay effects like Fire, flames, web 2.0 waves, and tv noise.

A ton of different of options, and its really limitless!

Thrid... Add INSTANT Animations to your banner!

DEMAND attention with amazing animations in a click!

Yes, you can add animations to your banner with just a click. There is a dozen of animations that you can choose from, and you will be able to create some great banners.

With all the combination possibilities you can create really create as many banners as you want for ALL your product, affiliate offers, and promotions!

You Can Do More Than Just Creating Banners With This Great Script... Yup, Thats Right!

You Can Create VIRAL Ads & Viral Videos That Your Affiliates Can Brand And Start Making Money Promoting Your Products!


Viral Advertisement Addon:

Right away of the box you will be able to use our special Viral Ad Addon that you can use to make ANY banner ad you create with the software.

The process is simple. There will be a "$" image in the corner of your viral ad, and once they click on that icon, your viewers will have the chance to take your banner ad and place it on their website and get their affiliate embeded into the advertisemtn!

Viral Video Brander:

You will be able to take any video and brand it with your affiliate link! This is a $97 value built straight into the script.

Just simply enter in your video url, pick one out of the ten amazing video players, and enter in your affiliate link, and instantly you have your own viral video!

You Can Try This Script For 30 Days With Our No Questions Asked 30 Day Policy!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Order InstantBanner today, And Start Creating Amazing Banners In Just A Few Clicks And Profit For Ever!

Ps. You don't need any design skills whatsoever guaranteed!

Pss. You can use these templates for your own products, your own affiliate program, to promote other affiliate programs, or to build your list!

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