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Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models
Fully Updated. 20 Internet Business Models.
300 letter-size pages in PDF format. Comes with Master Resell Rights.

Here's what others have been saying about Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models, which contains 20 different ways of making money online:

"A masterpiece."
- Harvey Segal, SuperTips.com

Mark Joyner"I've often said that the most powerful form of business knowledge is system models. If you have a model for a system that works, you can use it to spawn countless ideas and projects.

"What Sen Ze has put together here is the only known compilation of Internet Marketing models and should be required reading. It will help you to 'see the battlefield' in a way that normally requires years of study.

"This is one of the few truly useful sources of information I've seen."
- Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author of "Mind Control Marketing"

"This is a must-have for any Internet marketer. (I printed mine out and it's sitting on my desk, right now, Michel Fortinbeside me.)

"I'm blown away! It's a near 250-page [now 300-page] manual that's power-packed-to-the-rim with tons of great ideas and strategies. It even contains illustrations and screenshots spread sparingly throughout the manual to guide you along the way, so you're sure to not miss out on anything.

"Bottom line, if you're tired of the same old business models, then you need to grab this book right now!
Sen Ze
has laid it all out for you, step by step.

"Look at this Mini-Encyclopedia as your 'map' to help you find it - there's no better way to explain it than that!"
- Michel Fortin, The Internet's Top-Selling Copywriter

Here's What The Excitement Is
All About With the 300-page Mini-E Edition

You'll Discover:

  • Not 1 or 2 but TWENTY (20) different, Killer Internet Business Models that you can study and emulate - saving you time, money and effort by eliminating guesswork entirely

  • How you can AUTOMATE your Internet Business 100% - selling products you don't have to stock or deliver

  • How to choose from MULTIPLE WAYS to accept payment online. Different ways suit different purposes, and not all payment processors are the same

  • How you can start accepting credit card payments from your customers with one particular Internet Business Model - WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY for setting up or maintaining a credit card merchant account

  • How to create an Internet Business consisting of just LINKS to other web sites - and make money in the process

  • How to make your web site visitors WILLINGLY MARKET your web site for you for FREE - without having to pay them a single cent AT ANY TIME

  • How to use your PASSION to fuel you to create a web site that will be the talking point for your target market, and make lots of money in the process, even if you have nothing to sell

  • How to sell a unique product with a one-page web site that answers the FOUR SIMPLE QUESTIONS your Prospects will ALWAYS have in their minds

  • How to create your web site to set you up as an Expert in your field in your Prospects' minds, to sell lots of your own products or services

  • How you can ride on OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME AND EFFORT in making money for themselves to create even more time and money for yourself

  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product generate MORE sales at the back

  • How you can make your one-time sale of your product turn into RECURRING sales with a few special techniques

  • How you can make your WEB SITE AUTOMATICALLY perform some service you normally provide physically, and multiply your efforts a thousand times without any corresponding increase in costs or time

  • How to get your subscribers to willingly PAY for the e-mails you send them

  • How to make money by buying and selling Domain Names, the easy way

  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT SELLING any product

  • How you can make money using the Internet - without HAVING TO PAY a Web Designer or Programmer to create a web site for you

  • How you can make money using the Internet - WITHOUT ANY WEB SITE at all

  • A TOP web site where your target market go to BY THE TRUCKLOADS to search FOR YOUR Product

  • How you can easily MULTIPLY YOUR INTERNET PROFITS - without spending more or exerting a lot more effort in the process

  • How you can start your Internet Business - with a ZERO SET UP budget

  • How you can easily CLONE yourself so that you can reach out to MORE people WITHOUT more effort and earn MORE money in the process

  • What Domain Name to register for your Internet Business that CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN by your Prospects or Customers

  • How to use one of the best off-line methods of marketing your services that ENHANCES your on-line marketing methods 10-fold - while creating for you yet ANOTHER source of income

  • How to provide your type of services to people from all over the world - without having to be there in person - and multiply your earnings manifold

  • How to give FREE and DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP instructions to your Prospects with the sole intention of giving them the ability to handle their problem themselves - and make LOTS of money in the process, even if you've held NOTHING back

  • How to make lots of money just by CHATTING with others with the same interest as you do

  • How to THANK your Prospects Or Customers - and make money in the process!

  • How to allow others to use your on-line software for FREE - and make LOTS of money by doing so!

  • And much, much more!

Your Investment:

The information within the Mini-E has been taken directly from my smash-hit Internet Business Boot Camp costing more than $2,000 per head:

121 International Participants in Sen Ze's Internet Business Boot Camp

I've held 9 mega Boot Camps on Internet Business Models, having taught hundreds of participants on the finer aspects of making money online.

I've also spoken to over 20,000 people on Internet Business and Internet Marketing topics, as well as provided consultancy and advise on e-commerce issues to countless clients.

So it's safe to say you'll be THRILLED with what you're going to read.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It.
Read Some Solid Testimonials Below!
(many more are on file, but you should get some idea from the following..)

"Sen Ze's numerous and creative ideas to make money starting from a simple product are just awesome and effortless!

"He taught me many quick, simple yet effective ways to connect my physical book to the Internet World for immediate business opportunities for my financial workshops and coaching programs, using various techniques that are beyond my imagination and know-how!"

- Carol Yip

"Believe me - you'll be learning tons of AMAZING stuff from Sen Ze who is a real, practising Internet Entrepreneur himself!"

- Vincent Foo

"I have been very fortunate to kick start my journey to Internet Entrepreneurship thanks to Sen Ze's teachings and most importantly, his unselfish desire to help others!

"I have both benefited and profited tremendously from Sen Ze's expert advice and consultation!"

- Edmund Loh, www.PrivateLabelRightsGold.com

"Sen Ze's Boot Camp gave me all the knowledge and tools that I needed to have to make sure that I'm starting on the right track!"

- Alvin Cheong, www.AsianOnlineRecipes.com

"Prepare to be spellbound by
Sen Ze's knowledge and dedication to the Internet Marketing field as he shows you some of the MOST ADVANCED techniques available for you to create the most impact for your Internet Business in the shortest possible time!"

- Henry Fong

"Sen Ze's ideas in using Blogs to make money are very different, very
powerful and very doable!

"He taught me all the finer points in the Blogging model, including some behind-the-scenes stuff that are worth a fortune.

"I've not seen those finer points
being covered anywhere else - and
you can't see them on my Blog
either because they're hidden!

Thanks, Sen Ze!"

- Dentan

Now The Good News Is That You
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My Rock-Solid
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So do the right thing - right now!

Sen Ze
P.S. The Mini-E has given many first-timers their first experience of making money online. If you haven't experienced it before, just know that It's a wonderful feeling to be seeing order notification e-mails going into your mailbox telling you that you've made sales to customers halfway around the world that you will never ever meet in person!

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Bonus #1: Master Resell Rights To The Mini-Encyclopedia
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2. You cannot give this Mini-Encyclopedia away for free except as a Bonus to another product that you’re selling.

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I understand that my purchase of the Mini-Encyclopedia signifies my acceptance of the above terms and conditions. To protect all honest Resellers, breach of any of the above terms will give rise to legal action against me and result in an immediate termination of my right to resell it.


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