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Online Profits at the Speed of Light

32 leading experts reveal the fastest, cheapest, most effective ways to supercharge your online marketing

Dear Friend,

If you're tired of hearing inflated promises and settling for lukewarm results with your online marketing — or if your results are good, but you'd like to ramp them up to "great" in record time — you need to get your hands on this very different, very profitable new program.

Look, I know there's a lot of hype surrounding Internet marketing. Everyone claims to have the latest "new thing" or magic bullet. Yet the only online marketing most of these so-called "experts" have done is the marketing of their "get rich on the Internet" course or ebook.

But this program is truly different.

Here's why. To put it bluntly, I got fed up with all the bullshit — sorry, I rarely curse, but let's not mince words here. I'm tired of all the false promises. I'm tired of the latest whiz-bang technologies that are supposed to get you massive results, but don't really do squat. And most of all, I'm tired of all the fake, over-inflated claims by every new whiz kid on the block.

I'll bet you are too. So I decided to do something about it. And I'm going to let you in on what it really takes to make serious money with all your online marketing…

The three-step formula for ramping up your online profits

In addition to the fact that so much of the advice on Internet marketing simply doesn't work, there's another reason why so many other books and courses on this topic stink to high heaven. They're way too complicated. Some are so technical, you practically need a degree in computer science to understand them. Others force you to slog through hundreds of pages just to learn a few techniques that may or may not work.

So I decided to create the "dumbest" but most effective Internet marketing program ever. What I did was turn to those Internet marketing experts who truly walk their talk and told them I want to create a powerful collection of the most effective Internet marketing methods — but using this unique three-step formula:

  1. Each technique has to be extremely effective
  2. It also has to be cheap, easy, and inexpensive to implement
  3. You must be able to lay it all out in just a few short pages

And boy, did they ever come through! You'll get powerful, practical techniques from these leading experts:

Ilise Benun… Bob Bly… John Carlton… David Congreave… Dave Dee… Randy Gage… Allan Gardyne… David Garfinkel… Derek Gehl… Paul Hartunian… Shel Horowitz… John Jantsch… Allan Katz… Audri Lanford… Jim Lanford… Paul Lemberg… Steve MacLellan… Clayton Makepeace… Perry Marshall… Ken McCarthy… George McKenzie… Robert Middleton… Steve Morsa… Paul Myers… Tim Paulson… Joe Polish… Bob Scheinfeld… Bob Serling (that's me)… Yanik Silver… Joe Vitale… Jeff Walker… and Pamela Yellen.

Everything these 32 experts share is broken down into short, powerful lessons that are a breeze to master and implement. Nothing takes more than 15 minutes, tops, to learn and immediately be able to put into action. For example, here's just a sampling of what you'll discover:

bullet Bob Bly's "clockwork" techniques he uses to sell over $510,000 worth of products and services every year. Bob is well known as one of the most successful copywriters in the world. Just a few years ago, Bob only generated 10% of his business on the Internet. Now, he generates nearly all of his business online. You'll discover his simple, clockwork methods — techniques that consistently generate new business on a daily basis, nearly automatically — that anyone can use to substantially boost their sales.
bullet How Paul Hartunian grew his subscriber list from a few thousand to almost 60,000 in short order — and how he'll easily hit 100,000 subscribers in another month or two. In any business, the key to increasing profits is to have a dedicated, responsive customer list. Even though Paul is best known for his brilliant PR system, you'll be knocked out by his simple, auto-pilot technique he's using to build a massive customer list in record time. This one is so easy, anyone can have it up and running in 15 minutes flat.
bullet How the most successful copywriter you never heard of created a hybrid online/offline marketing strategy that bagged $5 million in online sales in just five weeks. Ever heard of Clayton Makepeace? Most people haven't. But Clayton is one of the few "top gun" copywriters the largest direct marketing firms wait in line for months to hire. And Clayton gets paid handsomely for it, earning over $1 million dollars each year for writing a few direct marketing packages. He's come up with a new hybrid, a way to mix the best online and offline strategies to rack up massive sales in short order. The only way you'll hear about it — and get step-by-step instructions on how to easily use it in your own business — is in my new ebook.
bullet Would you like to get your product promoted to over one million people for free? Who wouldn't! I'll reveal how I regularly get my products marketed to over one million people online, rack up substantial sales, and don't pay a dime to get this massive exposure.
bullet Joe Vitale's "squeeze" web site technique for converting 65% more of your visitors to subscribers or customers. Simple, straightforward, and totally logical, fewer than one out of a hundred web sites take advantage of this remarkable way to grow your customer list. It just goes to show that the most effective techniques don't require a degree in marketing or any special technical expertise to work like crazy.
bullet How to turn 10 minutes on Yahoo Groups into $10,000. Shel Horowitz shares his incredibly simple — and absolutely free — technique for making money on one of the most accessible mediums on the Internet. Step-by-step, Shel lays out how anyone can substantially increase their bottom line profits with this easy, incredibly effective technique.
bullet Here's one that absolutely floored me. Bob Scheinfeld reveals his counter-intuitive method for selling out his high-priced training programs on the spot. Bob's method contradicts everything I've ever seen on Internet marketing, but it works incredibly well. I'm not surprised, because I've known Bob for years and his marketing skills have made him a successful "serial entrepreneur" and multi-millionare. His simple but brilliant strategy will work for any product or service. I promise you're not going to want to miss this chapter!
bullet Cut your returns to next to nothing. Tired of hearing that dreaded phrase, "I want my money back"? Joe Polish and Tim Paulson reveal seven simple, automatic steps to cut your returns and refund requests to practically zero. If you currently experience a 3% refund rate and use this unique approach to cut your refund rate to just 1%, that alone will pay for this entire program many times over.
bullet 23 ways to use Google to increase your sales and profits. If you think all Google has to offer is Adwords and Adsense, you're missing out on a ton of opportunities for improving your business. In this chapter, Derek Gehl, President of the Internet Marketing Center (the company Corey Rudl founded) shows you a wealth of innovative ways to harness the full power of Google for increasing your sales and profits. While your competition is settling for just two ways of profiting from Google, you'll have an arsenal of tools for squeezing every last penny of profit out of Google and leaving those competitors in your dust.
bullet Discover how a company built a powerful email list of 250,000 highly responsive customers in under two years. Paul Myer's "Track Your Talkers" technique is unique, incredibly easy to use, and revealed here for the first time. Now you too can easily plug it in and use this technique to build a massive email list in no time flat.
bullet 7 mistakes to avoid with your online marketing. While the majority of this program focuses on things to do to improve your business, in this important chapter, Randy Gage shows you 7 mistakes to avoid at all costs. As important as it is to be doing the right things with your marketing, you can flush your efforts down the drain by committing any of these 7 deadly mistakes. Find out what they are, along with simple solutions for avoiding each and every one.
bullet How to create a search engine traffic bonanza in a matter of days. For the second year in a row, Marketing Sherpa named John Jantsch's blog the best small business blog of all. You'll see why when John reveals a remarkably simple and reliable way of using a simple blog to drive thousands of new visitors to your web site. It doesn't get any easier than this!
bullet The two-word test that resulted in a sales increase of 112%. As I've repeatedly promised throughout this letter, producing exceptional results with your online marketing doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Audri and Jim Lanford reveal the power of smart testing to increase your results — more subscribers, more customers, and more sales — in short order. They'll show you how testing a change of just two words in a single paragraph produced a phenomenal boost in sales of 112%. This technique is so simple, and the real-life examples are so clear, you can have it up and bringing in more sales in a matter of minutes.
bullet The inside secrets to profiting with Google Adwords. Pay-per-click advertising is a complicated beast. There are dozens of rules and Google changes them on the fly, making mastering this lucrative medium time consuming and difficult. BUT — there are only three critical factors you have to master to really make your Adwords campaigns pay off. Perry Marshall, the leading expert on all things Google, shows you exactly what these three components are, allowing you to significantly reduce the time and expense it takes to make Google pay major dividends.
bullet 5 overlooked ways to quickly and easily add more profit to any web site. Yanik Silver is a master of online marketing. A millionaire at just 26 (he's now 31), Yanik shares 5 ways almost everyone is overlooking to add substantial profits to your web site. Each of these techniques are fast and easy to put into action — just plug them in and start enjoying increased profits.

Plus there's much more. Each expert has contributed multiple tips and techniques - far too many for me to list here. And there are more experts I didn't get to in the list above including chapters by these leading online marketers:

bullet Ilise Benun — Three simple and almost no-cost ways to drive traffic to your web site
bullet John Carlton — The Lazy Technophobe Caveman's Shortcut to Online Riches
bullet David Congreave — Blog on the Side
bullet Dave Dee — The Internet Should Just Be One Part of Your Overall Marketing Plan
bullet David Garfinkel — The S-A-M Strategy for Increasing Online Response
bullet Allan Gardyne — What are the Three Fastest, Cheapest, Most Effective Things You Do to Market Online?
bullet Allan Katz — 7 Online Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty, Even Offline
bullet Paul Lemberg — How to Make Money with e-Courses
bullet Steve MacLellan — How to Create Your Own Web Site — Fast, Cheap, and Easy
bullet George McKenzie — How to Tap the Internet to Get the Fastest, Cheapest, and BEST Free Publicity Possible on Radio, TV and in Print
bullet Ken McCarthy — The Three Rings of Financial Power
bullet Robert Middleton — Inside Secrets for Creating a Highly Profitable Ezine
bullet Steve Morsa — Success or Failure on the Internet: The 4 Little-Known Yet Critical Reasons Why Your Choice of a Domain Makes All the Difference in the World
bullet Jeff Walker — Is it STILL Possible to Make Six Figures in Seven Days?
bullet Pamela Yellen — Three Kick-Butt Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Online Profits

And there's even more still...

Again, this is just a partial sample of what you'll find in Online Profits at the Speed of Light. There's so much valuable information jammed into this program, that I don't have room to cover it all here. But I'll tell you this — in editing the manuscript, I've personally discovered so many new ideas — powerful, practical, money-in-the-bank ideas — my "to do" list is getting out of control.

Here's how to start making all your online marketing
much less work and much more profitable

I want to emphasize that every strategy and technique you'll discover in this program has to meet my three-step formula to be included. I told my roster of experts that I wanted only practical, powerful techniques that met these three requirements:

  1. Each technique has to be extremely effective
  2. It also has to be cheap, easy, and inexpensive to implement
  3. You must be able to lay it all out in just a few short pages

My goal was to pack this program with highly profitable online marketing strategies and techniques, but at the same time, I want to make your life easier, not add a lot of complex tasks that waste hours of your time and practically make marketing a second career.

So you can be certain that every powerful technique you'll find in this program takes just 10 to 15 minutes to read about, and as little time and money as possible to put into action.

Think I'm through yet? Not by a long shot. Because when you order your copy of Online Profits at the Speed of Light, you'll also get...

13 Valuable Bonuses — Yours Absolutely FREE

I'm doing everything I can to pack this program with as much value as possible for you. In fact, when you see the low price for this program (which I'll get to in a moment), you may be wondering how I can offer so much for such a reasonable price. Especially when you consider that you get these 13 valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1: The Simplicity of Mail Order Mathematics — Boardroom Reports presents a special interview of Richard Benson by Eugene Schwartz. This is a very special report, available for the first time, that contains an interview between two direct marketing legends, Eugene Schwartz and Dick Benson. Both of these men are considered giants of direct marketing — each were responsible for many of the most effective direct marketing techniques that are still being used today. I've benefited from their wisdom for many years, and I know you will too with this remarkable material.

BONUS #2: Joe Vitale's Unspoken Marketing Secrets. This special report is packed with contrarian, inspiring, highly profitable marketing gems. Joe is a brilliant marketer. He originally created this as a checklist of powerful techniques for his own use. But a few people got their hands on it, profited from it immediately, and urged Joe to expand it and release it to the public. Joe agreed and now you can tap into his private stock of ideas to sell more of your products and services.

BONUS #3: Three Steps to Marketing Your Services Online — by Bob Bly. While this report is directed at folks who sell professional services, the powerful strategies and techniques Bob Bly lays out here actually apply to any type of business. Bob has created a brilliantly simple blueprint for quickly maximizing the profits of any business online. And when you're getting the inside scoop from a guy who sells over $500,000 of his own services, primarily online, each and every year, you know it's practical, proven material that will produce exceptional results.

BONUS #4: How to Create a Million Dollar Marketing Strategy for any Product or Service — by Bob Serling. In this report, Dan Lok wanted to interview me on how to write a powerful marketing piece. I did cover that, but first, I told him that the main secret I've used to create copy that's brought in multi-millions in sales is to develop a blockbuster strategy before I do anything else. Once you have a powerful, on-target strategy, the copy nearly falls into place. In this report, for the first time ever, I reveal my step-by-step formula for creating a breakthrough marketing strategy. Then I take you on a step-by-step tour of I use the strategy to develop each block of a powerful sales promotion.

BONUS #5: The Power of Influence — Joe Polish interviews Dr. Robert Cialdini. I'm extremely pleased to be able to include this bonus with this program. If you've been a subscriber or customer of mine for even a short while, you know how highly I recommend Dr. Cialdini's landmark book, Influence — The Psychology of Persuasion. I can directly attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profit I've earned by applying Cialdini's brilliant advice — and millions more for my clients. In his own inimitable style, Joe Polish delivers a superb interview with Dr. Cialdini, packed with gems you can immediately use to increase your sales and profits.

BONUS #6: 20 Ways to Get Prospects to Call You Back (and how to deal with their painfully loud silence) — by Ilise Benun. If you're a service professional and you're tired of hearing "No" — or more likely, not hearing anything at all, this report is right up your alley. Ilise offers up 20 ways to motivate prospects to get back to you immediately — and the more prospects that get back to you, the more business you'll close.

BONUS #7: How to Harness the Power of Customer Testimonials to Sell More of Your Products Online — by Edwin Spina. How would you like a short tutorial on how to quickly and easily increase your profits by over 300%? It's all here in this short, impactful report by Edwin Spina. Ed is a client of mine who took a simple piece of advice to heart and used it to drive his sales up by over 300% overnight. He lays out exactly what he did in step-by-step detail, showing you how to easily harness this technique to boost your own sales and profits.

BONUS #8: 20 Low-cost Ways to Promote Your Books on the Internet — Dan Janal interviews Shel Horowitz. Sit in on this private conversation with two top marketing experts to discover a wealth of new ways to promote information products (although most of this really applies to just about any kind of product or service). With too many great ideas to list here, I'll simply promise that you'll be extremely pleased with this unique, practical, highly profitable information.

BONUS #9: 7 Steps to RSS Marketing Success — by Rok Hrastnik. RSS feeds and blogging are gaining in popularity day by day. One of the key reasons is because with RSS, your messages get delivered directly to your subscriber's desktops, so you never have to deal with fighting the spam filters and undelivered messages. While RSS may sound technically daunting, it really isn't once you understand the ground rules. Rok Hrastnik clears up the confusion and offers a simple process anyone can use to benefit from RSS — including increasing traffic to your site, getting higher rankings in the search engines, and of course — increasing your bottom-line profits.

BONUS #10: A 20% lifetime discount off all domain name purchases from contributor Steve Morsa. Steve brokers high quality domain names, the kind of names that bring you more traffic and more business. He has generously offered a lifetime discount of 20% off any and all domain name purchases. Along with this program, you'll receive a certificate with a special code that gives you an instant 20% discount whenever you purchase a domain name from Steve's service.

BONUS #11: Lifestyle Mastery by Bob Scheinfeld. Here's something a bit different. While everyone wants to make more money, it's also important to have balance in your life. Bob Scheinfeld has mastered this delicate balance and helps business owners define and live their own ultimate lifestyle. In this special report, he shows you how to get what you really want out of all areas of your life. You'll discover new tools for uncovering hidden opportunities as well as unleashing your own hidden, suppressed or misdirected talents.

BONUS #12: Duct Tape Marketing: How to Create the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System in 7 Simple Steps — by John Jantsch. Everyone knows the power of creating a systematic process to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing. Yet few people actually have a usable marketing system. But once they finally stop paying this lip service and actually implement a system, sales increase rapidly. In this powerful report, John Jantsch reveals a simple, 7-step system any business can use to streamline its marketing efforts and start producing increased results predictably and consistently.

BONUS #13: Loyalty Marketing Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs — by Allan Katz. Anyone with any marketing experience has heard the truism, "It isn't the first sale that matters most, its the second sale". What this means is that once you've made a second sale, you've opened the door to a life time of sales with a customer. However, in order to take advantage of this, it's critical that you understand how to create a high level of loyalty from your customers. Allan Katz covers dozens of simple, ethical, win-win ways to stimulate more loyalty, give your customers more of what they really want, and win a life time of sales with as many customers as possible.

How to start increasing your online profits today

Now that you have a good idea of what's included in Online Marketing at the Speed of Light and all 13 bonuses, getting started couldn't be easier. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned online marketer, this program will give you a powerful arsenal of tools for increasing your profits online.

The price for Online Profits at the Speed of Light is just $79. That includes the main program and all 13 bonuses — all delivered right to your desktop in a matter of seconds.

I think you'll enthusiastically agree that $79 is a bargain basement price for this exceptional collection of proven strategies and techniques from 32 online marketing masters. In actuality, with all the bonuses, you're really getting a complete marketing library for one low price.

So why wait? To get started increasing your online profits right now, click here to order your copy.

Your results are completely guaranteed

guarantee.gif 133x121   My business policy with all my products is simple: I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here's my unequivocal guarantee. Order Online Profits at the Speed of Light and put it through its paces. Use every strategy and technique as many times as you'd like for 12 full months.

You be the judge. If this program doesn't deliver everything I've promised, or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I'll immediately refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

I can make this iron-clad guarantee because I've personally profited from many of these strategies and techniques and I have the deepest respect and trust for all the other experts who contributed to this program. So I have complete confidence that you're going to benefit from it many times over.

Don't settle for online marketing that doesn't get results — here's your opportunity to turn that around starting today

Online marketing that doesn't get results — or being baffled by complex technical details or overly long material — are problems you no longer have to tolerate. You can easily turn the tables and start racking up substantial online profits with the simple, reliable, yet extremely powerful techniques you'll discover in Online Profits at the Speed of Light.

The choice is up to you. Will you settle for struggling to make online marketing work while competitors who are more savvy steal business from you? Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of selling more of your products and services with far less time, effort, and expense?

You can put an end to ineffective online marketing forever. Right now, while it's fresh in your mind, order your copy of Online Profits at the Speed of Light. Click here to order now.

Don't delay. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised — in fact, almost shocked — by how quickly and easily you can start making online marketing pay tremendous dividends for your business.

bob_sig.gif 127x52
Bob Serling, President
Direct Marketing Insider

P.S. Don't forget, your results are completely guaranteed. You can't go wrong. You must be over-satisfied with the results you get from these powerful, simple online marketing strategies and techniques, or you'll get a complete refund of your entire investment. With that in mind, click here to order your copy of Online Profits at the Speed of Light right now.


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