If you've wanted to make money online, or use the net to get more customers or clients for your existing offline business, I want to ask you one question...

If you could start your own online business,
in just a week or two,
with almost no expense to get started...

Would you do it?

If you said yes, I've got some good news for you.

From: Paul Galloway

Dear friend,

Yes, you really can get your own Internet business started in just a few weeks. It's a lot simpler than you might think.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am not talking about shady "get rich quick" schemes or questionable biz-opps or low-paying "work at home" plans. I'm also not talking about selling other people's products through drop-shipping or affiliate programs.

I'm talking about you selling your own products, that you create. I'm talking about a real business, with real products that you can be proud of. And a real potential for significant long-term income.

How much?

I can't say. I don't know you personally. The real question to ask yourself is, how much do you want, and how badly do you want it?

I have friends who only put in a few hours and make a few hundred extra each month. They see it as a fun and easy way to add to their retirement investments. I have friends who make thousands a month. And I have other friends who make tens of thousands a month.

All of it online. And almost without exception, every single person I've ever met who made a serious income online started with one of the ideas you're about to learn.

What you make personally depends on you, your goals and your willingness to do a little creative thinking. I can tell you that the amount of work involved is probably a lot less than you think right now.

I'm not going to give you fairy stories here, though. Some people will try this and fail. It happens. They don't listen, or they get stuck on one idea and refuse to try something else when it's clear the first one won't work.

Worse, they try to create something that no-one else in the whole world cares about. Instead of adjusting their approach and giving people what they already want, these folks try and "educate the market."

Be warned: Even the most experienced and well-funded marketers won't touch that sort of thing. People want what they want, and they don't want someone telling them what they should want. Especially when that someone just happens to be selling it...

Other than just not trying, the single biggest cause of failure in online business is trying to sell something no-one wants.

If you can keep that one thing in mind, your odds of making a lot of money online just went way up.

If It's Such A Simple Thing,
Why Don't More People Do It?

The truth?

The majority don't do it because they don't try.

They don't try because they think it's too complicated, or it will take too long, or it will be too expensive to get started or they don't know enough about business or or or...

But is any of that true? Surely it takes a big investment to get started?

Assuming you already have an Internet connection, you can start an online business with no cash expense outside of a domain ($13.95 at 000domains.com) and a very basic web host ($36 a year at WebHostingBuzz.com).

Under $50 a year for everything you need to get started.

Yes. Really.

And that's assuming you don't just sell on eBay and skip the whole website thing entirely...

What about software? Isn't that expensive?

Some is, sure. But you can get everything you need to create very high-quality products for free. Everything from powerful graphics software to a professional-level office package and all the rest. Free.

It's got to be complicated!

Can you type? I don't mean fast, just... can you type?

It can be more complicated than that, but it doesn't have to be.

I know people who worked at a business 12 hours a day for years and never made any money. I can't afford that kind of time.

That's not a business. That's a job.

Let's say you decide you want to write a small manual on how to do something. Say, 30 pages. You can type that up in a week, working an hour or two each evening.

Then you type up a page telling people what they'll get from your manual and how much it costs. That's your sales page.

You now have the first product for your business.

But what about getting paid and getting the product to my customers?

Here's how that works. You create a web page for your sales letter. Something like the one you're reading right now. You put in a link to PayPal or whoever you're using to handle the money.

You can get the software to make those web pages free, too.

When people decide to buy, they click the link and give PayPal the money. PayPal sends them to another page that you've set up where they can download your product without you ever having to handle it. PayPal takes their cut and puts the rest of the money in your account.

You are now in business.

It really can be that simple.

What If I Don't Want To Write A Book?

You can do a lot of different things to make money online. You can:

  • Sell how-to books

  • Teach people using recorded audio

  • Create and sell art or poetry

  • Run an editorial "blog"

  • Develop your own software

  • Market products other people create for you

  • Use free teleconference lines to do consulting

  • Publish a newsletter

  • Run a local entertainment site

  • Become a music publisher

... and a lot more. There are tools and systems available to fit every preference. The Internet gives you access to people of every professional and personal interest you can think of. That makes it almost certain that anyone can make a living online, if they'll just find out what some group wants and offer it to them.

How Do I Get Started?

Assuming you really want to start your own business online, you have two options at this point.

You've just seen the absolute basics. With what you've read, you could hit the search engines and eventually figure out what to do and what order to do it in.

You don't really need me to get started. But I can save you a few weeks of research.

And I can hand you a few hard-won tips that you'll only get from someone who's actually created and sold a lot of their own products online.

I've put together a little manual, about 75 pages, that will show you exactly what you need to do to get started in your own online business - fast.

It includes:

  • Tips on the mindset and processes you need to understand before you even get started. These are as important to your success as your choice of products.

  • The 4-Step process you need to follow to get a product done and actually making you money.

  • The 7 tactics you need to use in every action you take in your business. Keeping these in mind from the start will give you a powerful edge on many more experienced marketers.

  • A process that will dramatically improve your offer and give you a much sharper focus on what's important in developing and selling your product. Not one person in 100 uses this approach, and it's as simple as it is surprising.

  • Ways to develop killer product ideas, and to get them turned into high-quality products quickly.

  • A resource list that gives you links to all the free software I mentioned earlier and then some, along with some excellent paid resources that will help you as you get more experienced.

  • The simple reason why complete strangers will often believe in you more than your family and your closest friends.

  • Proven processes for getting a book done quickly, even if you hate to write.

  • Rules for creating a successful software product. And what kind to avoid developing at all costs.

  • What you must include in every sales site - and what will kill your sales without you ever knowing.

  • A quick and simple system for writing sales letters that actually sell.

  • Why - and when - being a great writer can actually work against you.

  • How to get other people to sell tons of your product for you - and thank you for the opportunity.

  • The three most effective ways to get people to visit your sales page after you've completed it.

  • And much more.

The book is called "Simple Online Business," and it's just that. Everything you need to start your own business on the Internet, and to get it into profit fast.

There are people out there making fortunes using nothing but what you'll discover in this book. Almost everyone I know who's making real money online got started using one or more of the systems you'll find in those 75 pages.

So, what would it be worth to you to have this kind of a head start on the game?

Seriously. What would it be worth? How long do you think it would take to find the parts of this that you can find using a search engine, and then putting them in the right order?

How much more money do you think you can make, and how much faster, by knowing what to watch out for in advance? And knowing the simple things you can do that will dramatically speed up your business growth?

Would it be worth ... $27?

Yep. That's it. You can get the "Simple Online Business" system and the resource list showing which free programs will actually do the work you need done, and where you can get them, for a whopping $27.

And, in case you're not sure about it all, you also get 60 days to try it out, risk free. If you feel it';s not worth the money at any point during your first 60 days with the product, just send us a note letting us know, and we'll refund your purchase immediately. No questions asked.

Remember: The biggest reason most people don't make money online is that they never get started.

Get started today.

Click Here To Get Simple Online Business Now!

And let me know when you get your first order. I want to celebrate with you!



PS: Remember - these are the proven strategies that have kick-started hundreds of successful online businesses. There's nothing in here that hasn't been shown to work, time after time.

And you're completely covered by our 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. You have nothing to lose. The question is, do you really want to take that first step?

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