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From:  Paul Galloway

Dear Internet Marketer,

Ask anyone who knows the Internet Marketing industry well and they'll tell you that one of the genuine, 'good guys' you should listen to whenever the opportunity arises is the UK based marketer Simon Hodgkinson

"A Power House In Internet Marketing"

Simon's a 'powerhouse' in Internet Marketing.  Over the last 8 years he's cranked out more best selling information products, software and online business tools than almost every other marketer online today, and in doing so, he's helped thousands of marketers make money online... 

"The Man With The Midas Touch"

But that's just part of the story - When it comes to selling online, this guy has the Midas touch...

Simon operates membership sites packed with thousands of users, he writes Million Dollar sales copy, has been behind the scenes on many massively successful launches (one of them pulled in $1.7Million in a week!) - And if you've checked out the leader boards of the most popular affiliate competitions Simon's name was probably somewhere at the top!

"Rock Solid Advice About Building Your Business"

With so many so-called 'guru's' around these days it's easy to get confused - Simply finding the right person to get advice from can seem like negotiating a minefield - Sure everyone has an 'book' to sell you that's going to 'make you rich' but how many of them can really help you make the smart decisions and lay the proper foundations for your business?... 

Unfortunately not many!  The thing is what most of these 'experts' tend to forget (or deliberately leave out) is that any long-term successful business must be built on solid foundations.  That's why I'm recommending you take this offer seriously

Let me tell you why - Inside this exciting new video series called 'Success Condensed' Simon shares the core principals that will help you establish yourself in the marketplace, outgun your competitors and gear up for rapid growth.

"Are You Finally Ready To Build For The Future?"

Stop wasting time - If you want to build a six figure business, or take a six figure business to seven figures then you've got to forget the 'flash in the pan' fad marketing tactics (which usually arrive months out of date and worked to death by the time they reach us) and start concentrating on timeless, tried and tested strategies -

If you want to put Simon's success plans to work in your business check this out...
Introducing The - "Success Condensed" Video Series

Here's Just A Few Of The Key Areas Simon Talks About In This Wealth Building Course:

  How & Where To Find The Best Customers In Any Niche Market

  Product Development Ideas That Produce Hit After Profitable Hit!

  How To Price Your Products That'll Guarantee A Flood Of Sales And New Customers

  The Real Secret To Selling Online

 The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business And Bring In More Profits


The "Success Condensed" videos really do deliver - You get dozens of rock solid ideas that you can use to build your business and ramp up your profits at lightning speed

And importantly what you'll see actually works - It's easy to put into practice and because these strategies really are 'timeless' they'll continue to bring in results for you however long you use them

Here's A Full Breakdown Of These Incredible Videos:

How To Answer The '4 Power Questions' Of Million Dollar Business.

How To Quickly Find And Attract The Best Customers In Your Market.

Why FREE Traffic Could Be Slowly Strangling The Life Out Of Your Business

The Only Product Development Strategy You'll Ever Need To Know - (Discover how to ensure every product you launch is a money maker!)

The 5 Product Brainstorming Tactics That'll Save You Time & Money.

How To Avoid The Most Common Business Growth Killers Online.

Why Copying The 'Gurus' Successes Could Leave You Bankrupt.

A Simple 'Mindset Tweak' That Could Triple Your Profits Within 6 Months.

How To Almost Instantly Gain Massive Market Share And Steal Your Competitors Best Prospects Right From Under Their Noses.

How To Sell The Same Information As Everyone Else But For More Money. (Use this tactic another way and dominate the market almost over night)

The 5 Simple Tactics To Get Even The Most Stubborn Prospects To Part With Their Cash And Buy Your Products Like Crazy!

The Social Proof Strategy That's More Effective Than Any Testimonial

A Secret Benefit Of _ _ _ _ _  That Will Inject New Life Into Old Products.

The Easy To Implement 4 Step Formula To Rapidly Build Your Business.

How One Simple Process Has Doubled Simon's Profits In The Last 3 Years.

10 Power Principles Of Direct Marketing That Unlock Maximum Profits.

The 'Next Step' Sign-up Tactic That Boosts Confirmations In A Double Opt-In Registration Process (Gets 80% Confirm Rates Within 3 Hours!!)

A Powerful '3 Page Lead Generation' Strategy That Can Turn Even A Casual Freebie Seeker Into A Paying Customer In Less Than 5 Minutes.

How The 'Power Of The Loop' Can Increase Profits By 80% Or More!

5 Ways To Improve Your Sales Process To Explode Your Online Earnings

See The Actual Page That Converts 45% Of Visitors Into Subscribers
How Simon Makes As Much As $1.36 Every Time Someone Opts Into His List (And Actual Lead Generation Product Conversion Rates & Stats!)

Instant results. Fast growth. Big profits!

When you put together a recipe for success that includes the above 3 factors, you’ll never again want for anything else.  How much is that worth to you?

You already know this isn’t an ordinary training course. This isn’t some cheap $10 report just like every other report you’ve read this year. These are powerful strategies. These are the same strategies Simon uses every day to bring in huge profits and build his growing number of businesses.

The same strategies he spent years and thousand of dollars learning through trial and error…

And you know what?  All those years and all that money was worth it. Every penny and every minute was well spent to discover what he now knows.

But I don’t want you to spend years fumbling around… and I don’t want you to break the bank either. You can download these amazing videos just minutes from now…

And the best part? You can get your hands on all these strategies for just $67 $37. That’s my gift to you if you act fast and take advantage of this introductory price now.

Just think: For less than the price of a new keyboard you can discover how to build your business and your bank account faster. That’s an absolute bargain!

Those who know a good deal when they see one will jump on this offer… fast. Those who hem and haw may come back tomorrow to see this offer is gone.

It’s your choice.  Since I want to see you finally succeed online, I’m going to make this offer completely risk-free for you…


I’m so sure the “Success Condensed” videos will provide you with the results you’re looking for that I’m going to give you an unconditional 60 day guarantee:

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason – and if you don’t see immediate results – then all you have to do is let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt refund…

All I ask is that you give it an honest try. Fair enough?

Order your copy now in complete confidence, then take a full 59 days to try out the 'Success Condensed' strategies for yourself - Start Now

You Will Be Directed To Our Secure Download Page Immediately After Payment
Get Volumes 1,2 & 3 Right Now For Just $27.00 - Combined Running Time 1 Hour 6 Minutes


To Your Success


P.S.  One more thing, and this is important... Simon rarely does interviews, he doesn't do the 'seminar circuit' and he doesn't offer one on one consulting or mentoring - This video series is rare opportunity for you to spend an hour with Simon and get the business building advice you need straight from the horses mouth

You can watch the video presentation over and over and you'll pick up dozens killer ideas and tips you can put to work right away - Get Started Now



More About Simon:
Simon Hodgkinson is a UK based Internet Marketer who comes from a background in offline sales. Over the last 17 years Simon has sold in excess of 12  Million Dollars worth of products and services and since moving online full time has ranked up success after success.

With more than 12,000 hours of solid net experience Simon has created hundreds of profitable web sites, more than a dozen best selling books and has created countless popular software tools.  Simon's also written over 250 direct response sales letters that have generated Millions of Dollars in sales both for himself and his clients.

In June 2007, in partnership with Jeremy Gislason, Simon launched the MME3 membership site and secured a place in the Internet Marketing hall of fame with one of the most successful ‘Digital Product’ launches online generating over $1.6 Million Dollars in sales in only 7 days

Click Here To Discover How Simon Can Help You Succeed


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