Looking For All The High Quality Traffic You Can Handle?
"Michael Green finally reveals his personal traffic secrets  ― 
responsible for hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in sales;
read on... because there's a small catch..."

Dear Friend,

Content may be king, but it's the amount of quality traffic that you receive that will ultimately secure your online realm!

Or to put it another way... there's pointless peasant traffic... and then there are high-quality loyal website subjects... those who are prepared to buy from you  ―  and do it today!

Sadly a lot of website owners believe that auto-surf-generated junk-traffic will do the trick, but then they scratch their heads and wonder why their conversion rates are so derisory. No wonder!  What you urgently need is splendid high-quality real-life buying traffic with people visiting your domain from all four corners of the globe.

But until now, securing respected traffic has usually been an expensive PayPerClick kind of hit 'n miss affair!

But that's about to change (though only for a few noble individuals)...

Can You Imagine Commanding
A High Quality Traffic Empire?

Let's just assume for a moment that ― like the emperors of old ― money was no object. And let's say that you could buy $1,000 worth of Google Adwords PayPerClick every day and then regally direct all that traffic to your own website. Wow!

How many sales do you think you would make? Let's take a quick look:


Obviously the problem here is that in the above example the Google AdWords spend roughly equals the income and hence you wouldn't advertise in this way. But what if you could get the exact same high-quality traffic to your site completely free of charge?

Here's the new math...

Whoa... Okay... now that's enough to get the old imperial blood racing... right?

But what about if you don't just own one website with a single product to sell, but your magnificent rule stretches across a number of sites and territories. What would happen if you repeated the above approach for each website you own? Now we're really talking!

That makes $940 multiplied by as many products as you sell. And remember that $47 is on the low side for digital e-products. Best of all ... this approach could have you reigning supreme whether or not you're marketing your own product or someone else's. In fact you can even use the same approach to market your business, product or service.

So, are you interested in gaining a completely unfair advantage over the proletariat?


Quality-Traffic At Your Command!

Here's how to quickly and easily build a traffic empire that would have any self-respecting dictator turn green with envy.


If you're fed up paying a princely ransom to King Google for your website traffic and you've been suspecting that there's a better way to majestically attract visitors to your websites, then I'm here to let you know that you've just stumbled upon the solution you've barely dared dream about.

But unlike a fairy tale, Traffic Czar™ is very much for real. So join me while I explain how you can enjoy a level of executive traffic direction that even a monarch from the past with absolute power would never have thought possible (even if the internet had been invented at the time J).

But first... tell me...

How Will You Use Traffic Czar™ To
Command The Traffic You Desire?

Use your new found power to create a Google AdSense empire by driving thousands of highly-targeted visitors to your AdSense rich pages. Easy and provides great passive income!


Launch any website and gain immediate respect and attention from the search engines by guaranteeing that thousands of qualified visitors flock to your pages right from the outset.


Make your organization immediately visible to prospects and customers from around the world, simply by applying the dynamic Traffic Czar™ approach.


Dramatically increase your income by bringing thousands of targeted buyers direct to your website just at the moment when they're absolutely ready to purchase. One of the advantages of the Traffic Czar™ approach is that people visit you when they're ready to actually take action (i.e. signup, subscribe, buy, etc).


Acquire the knowledge, skills and the software to build an opt-in list of hungry... switched on... ready-to-buy prospects, who are hanging on your every word (even your every command).


Replicate everything you've just read whenever you like ― quite literally on a whim.  From now on you'll get to choose how many qualified visitors turn up at your website, without paying a cent for Google AdSense or similar PayPerClick programs!

But the list above is just the beginning...

You see over the past few months I've been working with a private army of beta-testers to check out Traffic Czar™ and their feedback has been invaluable in completing the commercial version of this incredible gold-plated toolkit.

Never in human internet marketing endeavor has so much precious information been brought together into one unique package, but don't take my word for it... just listen to what some of my beta-testers have had to say...

"Hi Michael,

For years I've struggled trying to drive traffic to my websites but I've always given up and simply gone for the easy (though expensive) way out, which is to buy my click-thru's from AdSense and the rest.

Then your Traffic Czar toolkit comes along and suddenly the whole traffic generation game falls into place. Concepts that I've spent years over suddenly come to life with the help of your easy-to-follow instructions and some simply great software.

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but once again you're about to launch another truly spectacular 'How To' product."


Jane Simpson
London, England



Thought I knew all about traffic generation until I got Traffic Czar. Love the way you've combined instruction with software. Awesome toolkit that everyone will want to own. Thanks"


Jimmy Wells
Orange County, CA, USA


"Looks like you've dunnit again buddy! Invaluable resource. I say don't let 'em have it, let's keep this one to ourselves - LOL."


Max R. Ackerman Jnr.
Ontario, Canada


"Just one of the resources in Traffic Czar has saved me a tone of time and is responsible for tripling the traffic to my website, even though I'm no longer paying a cent to Google. Outstanding, only wish you'd created this sooner."


Julia Hallam
Kansas City, Kansas, USA


"Hey Michael -
Reference Traffic Czar. Now I finally understand what I've been doing wrong and you've given me the tools to put it right.  You're the traffic king or should I say Czar?


Jeff Clarkson
New Jersey, USA

So as you can see... Traffic Czar™ really is the start of something new and very exciting. But rather than rely on vague promises and testimonials, how about I give you the complete run down of what to expect from this stately toolkit.

The Traffic Czar™ Manual
Own Your Traffic-Generation Territory

Isn't it about time you were able to stop guessing what you're supposed to do in order to drive quality "purchase hungry" traffic to your website?

At last this comprehensive manual provides an overview of traffic producing techniques before getting down 'n dirty by showing you precisely how to score historic ― traffic-generating ― victories to obliterate all your competitors!

The A-Z Of Commanding All The Traffic
You'll Ever Need (And More)...

You don't need to have been into internet marketing for long to know that the vast majority of those who try to make a living online simply crash-and-burn!

That's sad because getting it right can unlock vast riches. And what's more... it isn't all that difficult to do.

So the Traffic Czar™ manual is designed to prevent you from becoming yet another internet marketing crash statistic. It takes you through the process of building traffic to your website clearly and systematically, but unlike other products on the market which just talk theory, this manual actually shows you how to go about generating your traffic by guiding you through the software which also comes complete with this Traffic Czar™ toolkit.

Traffic Czar™ Software
Be The Prince Of Traffic Creation

No matter how good the Traffic Czar™ manual, I know that what you really want is the actual software and scripts to make this really happen for you.

That's no problem, because this toolkit comes packed with everything you need to draw unlimited traffic to your internet marketing realm.

You know the trouble with most traffic building courses is they're LONG on the theory and SHORT on the practical assistance you need to succeed.  Fortunately that's not the case with Traffic Czar™

With this toolkit you won't just get the A-Z manual of traffic building, I'm also going to supply you with the ACTUAL software that I personally use to drive more quality traffic than I know what to do with to my own online kingdom!

That's right. I don't just describe the traffic pulling techniques and then simply tell you to go out and conquer. I'm right there with you providing the actual software application that you'll need to turn your glorious traffic dream into reality.

Tell Me... Which (bundled) Software Tool
Do You Think You'll Put To Use First?

You probably already know that good traffic generation means good keyword research. But that's often easier said than done... at least it was until now.



Keyword Czar™ Software
Automate Your Keyword Research

Ultimately your online traffic success will hinge on your ability to define a list of quality keywords and phrases. The traditional approach is to spend hours brainstorming for words and phrases or to spend a fortune subscribing to the excellent (though costly) WordTracker service.

  • So how about some software that can have you target the keyword phrases that will pull in hoards of traffic?

  • And what about guiding and powering the software by learning from your nearest competitors?

That's no problem because I'm including Keyword Czar™ with the Traffic Czar toolkit.


Once your site is up and running you'll want to let Google ― as the king of search engines ― know about your site structure. There's no faster way to do that than create a site map, but the last thing you'll want to be doing is creating the all important site map by hand.

Don't worry... we've got that covered too...


SiteMap Czar™
Your Google SiteMap Done In Seconds!

Actually there's no mystery to getting your website listed on Google, you simply need to do provide the search engine with what it wants and that's why I'm bundling in SiteMap Czar

  • Get your website crawled in no time and without needing to know all those secret back door techniques that make the SEO gurus tick.

  • Better... deeper... faster listing on Google because SiteMap Czargives the pre-eminent search engine precisely what it wants!


But let's face it... You can have the most wonderful website in the world with optimized keywords and a complete sitemap of all your online territories, but you'll still be missing visitors unless you do much more to promote yourself.

And that's why I've gone to the trouble of giving you the exact tools required to dominate your domains. Introducing the next tool in your armory which is quite literally going to hand you the 'content' you require...


ArticleComposer Czar™
Because Optimized Content Is King!

We all know that driving stacks of traffic to your site involves having fresh content to publish to the world. One great solution is to publish loads of quality articles. But actually there's a snag... if all you're doing is printing the same articles as everyone else, then the search engines won't thank you ― in fact they may even penalize you! Ouch!  And that's why I'm proud to include ArticleComposer Czar™.  Here's what you'll get...

  • Thousands (yes, that's right thousands) of quality copyright free, ready to use articles. And I mean WITHOUT the need to include anyone else's resource box or even credit another author. In fact you can merrily claim these articles as your own.

  • You'll also receive my special software application to personalize all the articles so that they don't look like anyone else's. I'm not sure who will love this more. You... or the search engines!

And frankly I could easily just stop right here... because with the above software tools, combined with the Traffic Czar manual the search engines will doubtless be paying you all the deference you really deserve. But I want to put your success completely beyond doubt and that's why I've gone to quite extravagant measures to ensure that you'll shortly be able to proclaim your success to the world!

You've already heard about how I'm going to hand you the tools to discover keywords that will meet with your seal of approval, create sitemaps to enable the search engines to discover your otherwise buried treasure, produce blue-blooded individualized content that will bring admiration from the global search engines... but now it's time to let you access the Jewel in the Crown.  Introducing the splendid...


ArticleSubmitter Czar™
138+ Article Directories So That You Can Go Out And Rule The World!

When it comes to driving quality-traffic to your website, article submission is the gold-standard. In fact, if you're not already promoting yourself with articles then you're missing out on herds of vital traffic.  But up until now article submission work has been long, tedious or expensive! Not anymore... now you can...

  • Place your article submission work on autopilot with this 24 carat gold-plated system, yours free of charge with Traffic Czar.

  • Benefit from 138+ auto-fill article directories. With ArticleSubmitter Czaryou'll be amazed at how much additional traffic you'll attract to your website. You can even set up a test to see hundreds or even thousands of new quality incoming links straight into your target website!


Each tool you've just learned about would be powerful on their own. But combine the power and you get even more than the sum of their parts.

You see I've spent months perfecting this system. Creating the links between each package and then combining them into this masterly toolkit.

Now Your Own Traffic Empire Awaits...
Just Imagine How It Will Feel
To Use This Remarkable
Traffic Czar™ Toolkit

Borrow from your best-ranked competitors to create an unlimited number of highly-targeted keywords and phrases and then use them to promote your own website.  You'll be benefiting from the best of the web in just minutes!  
Why pay for expensive services like WordTracker to carry out your keyword research, when it's all here for free? Keep your "silver dollars" tucked away in your wallet and enjoy the unlimited power to research keywords with the extraordinary Keyword Czar tool thrown in with your Traffic Czar package. And use it as many times as you like forever more!
Generate thousands of niche pages targeting specific aspects of your product or service and drive an army of hungry buyers to your front door (via your 'Buy Now' button).  
Unlock the secret code for getting Google to crawl over every inch of your website - indexing pages as it goes. That's right. From here on there's no need to lie awake at night wondering whether your site will get picked up by the giant of search engines because it will be quicker than you ever thought possible!
Just five simple steps and your website will contain a site map that'll bring Google running. At last! It will be the search engine that's anxious to list you, not the other way round!  
Enjoy the tools you need to become an acknowledged world-expert in your chosen field. With this toolkit I don't just tell you how to go about it, I give you the actual software too. It's like I'm practically there with you!  
Discover the awesome combined power of all the stately tools in the Traffic Czar toolkit allowing you to discover how to create an imperial powerhouse of incoming traffic to your websites.
Combine these priceless crown-jewel-tools to finally end your search for the Holy-Grail of traffic generation. Everything you need is already included.  
Why waste another moment scratching around in a fruitless search for quality content? Traffic Czarcomes complete with thousands of articles packed inside ArticleComposer Czar™ meaning that you can deliver quality content to the masses within minutes of owning this esteemed toolkit.
Submitting duplicate content to the search engines can destroy all your hard work, but you can relax because that's never a concern with ArticleComposer Czar™ ―  everything you publish is automatically personalized to you.  
Join the online aristocracy and gain a completely unfair advantage over all other modern-day internet marketers with this exceptional toolkit.  
Powerfully develop your realm by not only owning the tools to make your cash-generating dream come alive, but also understand how each section fits together with the benefit of the incredible Traffic Czar manual.
Select the target market that you wish to dominate and build your very own commonwealth with an approach that could even provide income for the rest of your life!  
Discover the formula for directing the equivalent of $1,000 a day in AdWords expenditure to your own site, but without spending a single silver or gold coin. And it's all inside Traffic Czar for free!

I could go on... but by now I figure you're savvy enough to understand that Traffic Czaris the traffic revolution you've been waiting for.

Traffic Czar™ Sounds Incredible,
But Won't It Cost A Princely Ransom?

Once in a while an internet marketing package comes along that just about everyone wants to get their hands on. But sadly once the masses get hold of a copy, it usually devalues the product itself.

Let's face it...

Most marketing approaches only work because a small cohort of followers understand how to apply and benefit from the techniques!

Now, despite the fact that Traffic Czar includes loads of great software I'm not going to make the mistake of letting everyone get their hands on this unique toolkit. Because if I did we'd only end up with a whole bunch of plebeians trying to jump on the chariot ―  probably ruining this approach for the rest of us. No way!

So How Much Should I Charge?

Since I'm describing the approach AND providing the software which is capable of generating the equivalent of $1,000 (US) a day in paid Google advertising, then perhaps the right fee is just one week's worth of value once you have this system up and running ― so that would be $7,000 for the whole package (or just 7 days x $1,000).

Tempting as this might be and while I'm certain that there are many folks out there prepared to pay this realistic sum, I am conscious that this toolkit shouldn't only be for the patrician class. So let's try to cut a deal that will allow any serious internet marketer to invest in as well.

Once this toolkit has formally launched I plan to market it at around the $997.00 mark. After all, that's just one day's potential benefit from using the Traffic Czar toolkit.

But for the next few weeks this toolkit is in a post-launch phase and during this time I'm inviting some of the populace to get their grubby little paws on the product at a truly popularist price. If you genuinely want a copy of Traffic Czarand you're prepared to send a testimonial (though I'm not making this compulsory) then I'll let you have a copy of this toolkit for just $197 but only when you order now (you'll get immediate access).

That's right. I'm going to issue a decree and royally slice several hundred dollars off the toolkit for those who are far-sighted enough to order it up today. Right this minute you can order your copy of Traffic Czar and it will be ready for you to download immediately. As soon as you grab your copy for just $197 you'll get to set up your own login and password which will provide you with ongoing access to this toolkit for the rest of your life. You'll also receive immediate confirmation and access to your purchase, together with your login and password information.

Act now.

Let's Just Recap What You'll Receive With Traffic Czar

 Your copy of Keyword Czar™ 

Your copy of ArticleSubmitter Czar

Your copy of ArticleComposer Czar

Your copy of SiteMap Czar

Most importantly... your own copy of the main Traffic Czar user manual

Remember, the special Traffic Czaruser manual contains the A-Z of precisely how to command all the traffic you've ever wanted direct to your own websites and best of all you can use it time and again on as many websites as you happen to own (or will own in the future).

The software includes an unlimited license to exploit it with as many websites and projects as you see fit. So there's no time-out limit or licensing restriction as to what you can do with this software and toolkit or how often you may use it on any number of sites.

Going... Going... Gone!

The truth is that each of the programs included within this toolkit could probably retail for more than the entire cost of this toolkit, but that's not the half of it.

... It's really the Traffic Czar manual that makes this toolkit something special. Think of it as the secret code to your success, created by someone who has actually used the software and generated the quality traffic results you've been seeking for so long.

But since I'm absolutely committed to keeping the Traffic Czarapproach to generating quality traffic going ― not least because it's the very same system that I personally use and I therefore need it to continue working ― I therefore intend to limit this product.

Click To Order  Your Copy Of Traffic Czar™ Now!

As you read this page right now this could well be your one and only chance to get your hands on the hottest traffic generation tool soon to be available and since Traffic Czar
has been carefully crafted to certify your traffic success, I have no hesitation in factoring in a special Royal Seal Of Approval Guarantee.

So despite the imperial name, your consumer rights are fully protected and guarantees don't come much more straightforward than the Czar's Proclamation above. It means precisely what it says, with no questions asked. All you need to do is give Traffic Czaran honest try out and to make this easy for you ― all the risk is actually on me ― not you... so really do have absolutely nothing to lose!

Click To Order  Your Copy Of Traffic Czar™ Now!


Very occasionally a marketing toolkit becomes a supreme-ruler. Sometimes its power is reduced by too many people cashing in on the approach. That's something that will never happen with Traffic Czar.

Yours loyally,

Czar Michael Green

P.S. Don't sit waiting another minute for traffic to simply arrive at your websites. Unless you take some positive action to drive visitors to you, things will carry on as they are. It's time to sit up and take control of the situation. Click here now and become the Sultan of traffic generation!


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